School Supplies

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Learning is a gift of life, with its teachers surrounding us in every aspect of our days.

When beginning new classes, children and adults alike need supplies to assist us with becoming the very best. Not the latest in technology or coolest notebooks, but foundations that encourage one to thrive. Lessons on how to work, how to think well, how to eat and sleep. And most of all, how to feel good at the end of the day.

We as students of life drink in the lessons of everyday living: feeding the dog, helping a neighbor, good food and conversation, looking at the stars and saying a prayer of gratitude. The same holds true when  taught hate and hurt.

Much of what is learned in childhood is understood only with experience. It is with age that we come to truly honor those teachers whose lessons made a positive difference in the way we now live. With age we forget the color of our pencil box, the rules of algebra and number of our locker. Instead, we remember the person who said, “you have a gift”.

We are all students. We are all teachers providing the supplies needed in this school called the University of Life. What lessons will you pass along today?

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