Believe and Become

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI always wanted to be a dancer. A cowgirl. A granddaughter.

I danced as a gymnast in high school, but honestly didn’t have much talent.

I learned to ride a horse, and still ride great if the horse trains me right.

I stayed for a couple of summers with my maternal grandmother and I still treasure the days with her. As a teacher, she made sure I took time to read and treated that time as a reward. I still think of reading time as such. We fished, hiked, ate fresh raspberries, and she taught me how to pick out the perfect cantaloupe.

I am a dancer. I turn on the music, twirl around the living room and then write down the feeling of joy that comes.

I am a cowgirl when as I brush my old horse and then write about the antics of the characters in my books.

Though my Gramma passed on years ago, I am a granddaughter still. I giggle while playing in the little plastic pool on the patio with my two year old grandchild.

I am all these things because I believe I am. In my dreams, I can be anything. When reality comes along, some of that belief remains.

Tomorrow I am going to be a performer in Cody’s Wild West extravaganza. What are you going to be?

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