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The Lessons of History for a Modern World

Author: Faye Roberts (page 2 of 2)

Seek out the Quiet

BesideStillWaters1024When your tasks seem a little heavy and overwhelming, remember to do one thing at a time quietly, and leave the rest because the rest is not your job. What you cannot get through you must hand back to God and He will work it out for you.   White Eagle

We live in a noisy and chaotic world. Just for a few moments, shut the organizer, hibernate the computer, turn off the phone and sit quietly. Breathe. Drift…

There, did you hear it?

Wasn’t it wonderful?

How to Pray

Oh Lord, I reckon I’m not much just by myself. I fail to do a lot of things I ought to do. But Lord, when trails are steep and the passes high, help me to ride it straight all the way through. And when in the falling dusk I get the final call, I do not care how many flowers they send – above all else the happiest trail would be for you to say to me, “Let’s ride my friend.” Amen. Roy Rogers


Roy Rogers had it figured out. Prayer does not need to be difficult. It is nothing more than two friends talking honestly and openly with each other. And remembering to say please and thank you. What a world this could be if folks could simply say please and thank you, especially to those they love the most.

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